torsdag 12 februari 2009

I like them potatoes

I am a sucker for potatoes, here with feta, broccoli, red onions, peppers and rosted seeds. Delicious it is and this dish was served with ovenbaked fish. YUM!

What is your favourite dish? Meat, fish, vegetarian? :)

5 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

this looks wonderful, I want to eat at your house! God morgon!!

Pearl sa...

omgoodness - did you make that?

Ida sa...

Pearl: me and a friend cooked this lovely dish last week! =)

Poetikat sa...

I have a couple of favourites - organic linguine pasta with spicy tomato sauce and vegetables.

Curried chicken with tomatoes and basmati rice.

Your potato dish looks delectable!


shilvia sa...

yummmm...i am a sucker for potatoes too!!!