torsdag 12 februari 2009

Scavenger hunt - favourite food

I am a day early with this post but I couldn't help myself! I have joined Carrie's hunt and this weeks subject is favourite food so I just HAD to post a pic of my lovely chicken salad. You buy some grilled chicken and slice it to small pieces, chop some salad and mix with feta, olives, yellow peppers, tomatoes and cucumber. Sometimes I add some sliced avocado too! Try it! I sometimes drizzle some olive oil on top too..

I love many things when it comes to food, espacially meat from moose. You know moose is a rather funny animal but they taste great! Maybe I should cook some typical
moose-dish sometime and show to you, would you like that?

When I don't eat moose or chicken salad, I like to make a thick pancake in the oven and fill it with some fried pork. I eat lingonberries with that by the way. It's delicious!

Does chocolate count when it comes to food? Don't think so but that I LOVE! White chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate with milk, truffels, yeah you name it :)

4 kommentarer:

Poetikat sa...

Where's the recipe, Ida?


Ida sa...

I have now updated this post and added the recipe!

Carrie Hayes sa...

Food can be really easy to love! All chocolate is good!!

PJ sa...

I could have this for lunch everyday, maybe rotate from chicken to turkey to salmon or tuna. Yum!