tisdag 24 februari 2009

I need your help!

Dear friends!

I have a problem I would like to discuss with you. You see I have another blog here at blogger who is password protected but lately my readers can't see the page as they should and I can't see it either. WHY is that? Anybody who is experiencing the same problem? This is very frustrating and I would really appreciate your help.

Love, I

4 kommentarer:

Pearl sa...

ya i've been experiencing the problem with that blog - do you know if you somehow changed something in the "HTML" section of "layout?" perhaps you can revert it to the original layout - and that'll make it available?

Arctis sa...

Hej Ida, jag hade för ett tag sedan bekymmer med min blogg. Det visade sig att det var strul med mitt virusprogramm. Jag avinstallerade det och la in det på nytt igen. Sedan dess har det funkat bra. Hoppas du får ordning på det =)

Per Stromsjo sa...

I don't know exactly what it looks like obviously but my guess is that this is the same problem I and many have been experiencing the recent days. Some stuff is not displayed correctly. Sometimes a photo disappears out of view. Sometimes most of the content on a page. But it's all still there in the database of course and this will be fixed in no time, I'm sure.

Hidden Sage sa...

Or it could be the template you are using.