onsdag 11 mars 2009

Family portraits

Today has been a family portrait day! I have been visiting my friend Cecilia and her son Elvis. We took some lovely shots of this adorable little boy!

What do you think? =)

5 kommentarer:

Mary Sue sa...

Åh vilka fina bilder, du är ju jätteskicklig! :) Kul att lägeheten såg mysig ut också... det enda jag minns från våran är planlösningen, allt annat är bara som en dimma! Blir spännande att se hur tapeterna såg ut och så :)

Jane sa...

Absolutely LOVE that last photo. He is too adorable!

Arctis sa...

Söt bebis =)

Faith sa...

These are great, Ida! Wish I had pictures like these from when my children were little! What a cutie he is. And you capture him so well.

Georgia B. sa...

that last shot is perfect!

i think you should enter it in the "I Heart Faces — Kids Category" contest.

go here.

yours would be perfect for the Week 12 contest—"Pouting"

you have to enter!!! you could win it. you should win it. such a cute photo!