fredag 6 mars 2009

My all

The nights are tough, it starts when you close the door behind you and you're alone. When you come home from a long day of trying to shut out the pain. The walls seem to crawl closer and you have to concentrate really hard to not surrender to the darkness.

Anxiety - please leave. Please. I would give my all.

4 kommentarer:

Faith sa...

Nights can be so difficult. Breath deeply. Dawn will come again.

Thinking of you.

Ida sa...

Dear Faith, thank you for thinking of me :)

Carrie Hayes sa...

My prayers are always with you...The pain will pass...Keep Smiling!!

Leslie sa...

I'm sorry to hear of your pain. this post communicates it so clearly. if only it were easy, but this type of pain makes us so strong in the it's just patience