tisdag 24 mars 2009

Longing for april


I feel good today, very good! I have spent my day with friends, talking over tea and dining out. I went for a long walk in the forest this morning, clearing my mind. The air was cool and crisp and I felt happy for the first time in weeks.

Spring is here and everything will be brighter just because of that very fact. I cheered as I felt the bare road underneath my feet. Soon my favourite roads will be driveable again and I look forward to go exploring in the beginning of april.

I feel lucky, I feel blessed.

I listened to my inner voice, to my longing, letting my heart speak in tounges of love and I realized which path was right. Here I will stay.

1 kommentar:

Pearl sa...

Isn't it funny how fast time flies?

I remember when I first saw you taking photos of snow.

Now it's Spring!

Goodness :)