måndag 30 mars 2009

Fragile soul

I am here, again, in this dark place. The days come and go, I try my very best to get up out of bed, I remind myself to keep breathing and moving my fingers as if to assure myself that I am still alive.

The snow lingers as if to tease my already fragile soul, tease me to a slow but yet undeniable madness. Crystal bits, leftover snow, fall from my coat as I tremble in the wind.

I long for heated summer days, for seaside afternoons and midnight walks in the rain.

Please, dearest, you who say you hear my prayers, let me live til' then.

6 kommentarer:

Pearl sa...

you should write poetry. goodness. you make my heart tremble.

Faith sa...

The summer will come, dear Ida.. Until then, breathing is good. Your photos below show so much life...that is you as well as the darkness you might feel. Sometimes, you just need a day in bed...I know I do:-)

Love and hugs to you, Ida


Rising from my Ashes sa...

God bless you

Beatriz Kim sa...

When once in the darkness, escape seems so far. When every sliver of your body feels heavy and dead, take some consolation that others 've been there.

Don't give up, for soon relief will come. But if your pain is too severe, maybe it's time to get help. A kind word from a good friend can ameliorate your pain.

Perhaps today you can do a tiny, but favorite thing, or watch a heart-warming movie, listen to beautiful music, or take a pictures of colorful things. These might help to ease your pain.

Hope you feel better soon!

Arctis sa...


Ida sa...

Thank you everyone for being here.