fredag 20 mars 2009

One dollar

I found this old dollar while gowing through some old drawers. I believe that this old bill has layed for many years in tha back of that old drawer. Good photographing material if you ask me! I have never held a dollar before :0)

5 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

good shots Ida! I hope your day is full of joy !

Georgia B. sa...

so funny, because i've seen these a million times—in passing, of course. (i wish i could say i have a million of these).

but when i read that you have never held one before, it seemed strange, since i see them all the time. it's foreign to me that money this is foreign to you. but i guess it would be the same as if i found currency from you country in one of my drawers.

no matter what the currency, i hope we are all blessed with wealth, health and happiness. :)

Pearl sa...

it's so cute, ida, because something i see everyday and don't really pay attention to is considered photographic material. gorgeous :)

Purple Cat sa...

a sign of luck? for the beginning of spring... who can tell now?
XX Purple cat

PJ sa...

It's forty years old, 1969. That's very interesting. Unfortunately, it probably isn't worth anymore than it's face value. Still, it's something!