söndag 1 mars 2009

Spring lies ahead

The spring is coming, I can smell it in the air.
I long for the roads to be free from snow, for the garden to appear again from it's cottonlike layers.
I look forward to long sunday mornings, having breakfast on the porch while watching the neighbours cat nibble at my roses.
The smell of tea and homemade buns, strawberry lemonade and soft afternoon rain.
I long for the rain, the way it makes my windowsill tremble or the small puddles it makes below my kitchen window.
How I always seem to forget my wellies outside the door, only to find them filled with water hours later.

Spring, please hurry - I am waiting.

5 kommentarer:

Per Stromsjo sa...

Already on its way. The sun was pretty generous today and by noon the bitterly cold morning was merely a memory.

omami sa...

me too!!! When do you think It's coming? Here not before april!

Carrie Hayes sa...

God Kvall!
I do hope spring arrives soon for you! Sometime winter can really start to bring you down, atleast for me:)

Claire sa...

I love the way you speak to spring.

Ida sa...

Omami: the spring usually comes sometime after April here =)Only 1 month to go! Yaay!